You can own 9826 D Ave, built by Easton Tallmon in 1860!

According to the program of the Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra Historic Homes Tour, Dr. Joseph Tallman immigrated from Germany to practice medicine in New York City.  His son, James, came to the new state of Michigan in 1837 with his wife Elizabeth and their six children.  They purchased 560 acres of land, the Southwest quadrant of Alamo Center, bordered by 6th street and D Avenue.  The country was little more than a wilderness and Mr. Tallman had to cut the road through (D. Ave.) to reach his tract of land.  Five homes were built, all on D. Ave. by four sons and a daughter, all to the West of Alamo Center.  Easton was the third child and 10 years old when they moved to Michigan.  In 1855 he married Helen Tarbell and in 1860 built this wonderful Italianate home at 9826 D Ave.




Helen and Easton raised five children in the home.    Mr. Tallman was friends with many Native Americans in the area.  The Tallman family donated land for the existing Alamo Center Cemetery and the nearby Congregational church, which they helped build and attended.  The cemetery holds the gravesites of many Tallmans, Tarbells and Barbers (Barbours).  The house has passed through many owners and is now owned by Dan and Sue Kilgore.  The Kilgore’s have restored and adapted rooms back to an original appearance, adding bathrooms and a kitchen.  The barn is from the 1860’s and had been converted into the Kilgore’s design studio where they produce interiors for clients throughout the U.S.  The gardens have been developed using existing vintage plants and adding appropriate plants, trees and shrubbery.

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