What REALTOR specializes in selling Historic Homes?

Historic Homes are unique. There is unique historic character, there is unique history, there are usually great stories of searching for just the right trim, cupboards or …..

Some REALTORS appreciate historic homes, and, frankly some REALTORS don’t. Some REALTORS know how to relate to historic and antique home lovers….and some don’t. Some REALTORS market historic homes creatively and some don’t.
Be sure to pick a REALTOR that loves historic homes and knows how to market them.

David Veenstra, of The Veenstra Team in Kalamazoo MI is a history buff. He also lives in an 1860s historic home.

The Veenstra Team  started specializing in selling historic homes a year or so ago. We sold this fabulous Image of Historic Portage Home sold by The Veenstra Team in 20111870s Italianate on Angling Road in Portage in 2011.  This home was built by Henry and Harriet Brooks.  Both Henry and Harriet were children of nearby farmers Isaac Brooks and Stephan Howard.  Both of these men were early settlers in the area.  The property was, at one time an 80 acre farm which was from land that was given to Henry and Harriet by Henry’s father.
We have a list of people who love to get historic home listings.  We have a list of places where we promote historic homes that we are marketing.  We have this website where we feature Historic Homes….and we have a love of historic houses!  That makes for a great combination for getting historic homes sold!

If you have a historic home that you are considering selling,  please give us a call.

If you are looking for a historic home to purchase,  give us a call.  We can create a personal website that will show you what historic homes are currently on the market and we will alert you each time a new historic home comes on the market!  We can set up this website for a variety of SW MI cites, not just Kalamazoo.  If you are looking for a historic home in Kalamazoo, we may know of a historic property that is not even on the market yet.  We have a “Might Move Program and Database” where we keep a list of people who MAY be interested in buying or selling if the circumstances or timing were JUST RIGHT.

We look forward to working with you!
The Veenstra Team

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We live in an 1860s historic home and love helping people buy and sell them! .
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