9286 West D Ave – Kalamazoo MI Home for Sale

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Historic Home for Sale

9286 W D Ave

This restored 1866 Italianate Home For Sale in Kalamazoo MI presents a great option to enjoy the some of the best historical features  and character with the modern conveniences of a newer home.   In addition, this home and 6 acres features a fabulously restored studio/home office barn that can make working from home pure joy!

More about this Gorgeous Restored 1866 Italianate

  • The maple tress were planted around the house for shade and maple syrup production.
  • The original shutters are still on the exterior of the house
  • The current kitchen was the original dining room.  It was large enough to feed all the farm laborers that were hired to work the farm
  • The former kitchen is now the laundry room and a bathroom
  • The 2 bathrooms upstairs were made from an original bathroom that was on the 2nd floor
  • The den/bedroom at the back of the upstairs was a family living space for a separate family to live in while they helped on the farm
  • The original doorbell is still in use in the foyer
  • The gardens have been developed using the existing vintage plants
  • Additional plants appropriate from the period have also been added
  • The home was built by Dr. Joseph Tallman.  We will be adding more information about the family history of Dr. Tallman in future posts.

9286 West D Ave For Sale

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