Before and After Kitchen Remodel Images for Historic Homes


Get great ideas for your historic house from these before and after kitchen remodels

Great before and after kitchen remodels

Southwest MI Historic Homes – There are such wonderful historic homes for sale in the Southwest MI real estate market these days!  Some of the great deals may be historic houses that are a bit tired and might need a remodel.  A kitchen remodel is often a starting point for many historic homeowners.  There are many new do it yourself options on the market these days….I spent some time in the home improvement stores and found some fabulous new, easy to install flooring, backsplash and even some counter options.   Today though, I wants to share a link to some before and after kitchen remodels from one of my favorite magazines,  This Old House.

Here is a link to inspire you before you start tearing out your kitchen for your Historic Home Kitchen Remodel!  

We have a list of great builders and remodelers if you need that and we also can help you find that new great Southwest MI historic real estate deal if you are ready to move to a new challenge.

You may not get quite as much as you think you should in selling  your current house, but, you will also get great value when you purchase a new house, so, with the amazing Southwest MI interest rates, it is a great time to buy a house.

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